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We sell aluminium in different forms

We produce recycled aluminium for foundries and steel mills and supply it to the international market in different forms:

  • Aluminium ingots
  • Aluminium drops
  • Aluminium scrap

Aluminium ingots and drops

We supply aluminium   ingots to aluminium and light metal foundries. We produce aluminium  ingots to the European EN standard, national standards such as DIN, JIS and SS, and to customer specifications at our aluminium plant in Heinola.  Popular standard alloys we produce include EN AB 46000, DIN 226D, AD12.1 (ADC-12) and SS 4250.

We supply aluminium drops produced to customer's specifications for the steel industry.

Aluminium scrap

Our popular aluminium products include:

  • Tense
  • Taint, tabor
  • Telic
  • Twitch
  • Zorba
  • Talk
  • Twang (ACSR)

We sell inspected, tested and safe second-hand electrical equipment

For the environment, the best alternative often is to reuse a component or piece of equipment that has already been manufactured. Our principal aim is to promote the reuse of equipment that has been phased out ‒ as complete units or as components. In cases where reuse is not possible we can almost fully utilise the metal, plastic and glass components by either processing them into recycled raw materials or by using them in energy production.

Data security ensured

To make the reuse of electronic equipment possible, all data saved by the previous user is wiped out to eliminate the risk of data being exposed to unauthorised access. In cases where our data overwrite tools cannot completely remove the data, hard drives are destroyed by mechanical crushing.

Our data security processes are audited, and the purchaser is provided with a report detailing how the equipment has been processed.

Reliable second-hand equipment

We test all second-hand equipment before selling it to ensure functionality and to confirm it can be used safely. Equipment that cannot be reused is disassembled for recycling into raw materials.

Ferrous scrap

We supply following ferrous scrap grades:

  • Cut grades (HMS, GOST3A, E1, E2, etc.)
  • Shredded steel scrap
  • Cast iron
  • Ferrous turnings
  • Other ferrous scrap raw materials for the steel industry

Cut grades

Our range of products includes:

  • Cut grades (E1, E2, E3)
  • Bonus grades (such as railway scrap)

Shredded steel scrap

Our range of products includes:

  • Standardised shredded steel scrap
  • Custom grades

Cast iron

Our range of products includes:

  • Steel mill and foundry grades
  • Mn steel scrap

Ferrous turnings

We supply mixed ferrous turnings for steel plants.

Other raw materials for the steel industry

Our range of products includes:

  • Silicon steel
  • New tin plate
  • Busheling

Nonferrous scrap

We supply nonferrous metals (red metals) to the international market

Examples of nonferrous metal products we supply:

  • Copper scrap
  • Brass scrap
  • Bronze scrap
  • Lead scrap
  • Tin scrap
  • Zinc scrap

Copper scrap

Popular copper scrap grades we supply include:

  • Berry, candy
  • Birch, cliff
  • Druid
  • Transformer copper windings
  • Cu turnings
  • Elmo
  • Shelmo

Brass scrap

Popular brass scrap grades we supply include:

  • Honey
  • Label
  • Noble
  • Night, nomad
  • Ocean

Bronze scrap

Popular bronze scrap grades we supply include:

  • Ebony
  • Enerv
  • Aluminium and tin bronzes

Lead scrap

Popular lead scrap grades we supply include:

  • Radio (mixed)
  • Radio (shredded)
  • Ropes

We supply recycled plastic scrap to the international market

  • WEEE plastic
  • Plastic packaging
  • Production reject plastics

WEEE plastic

WEEE plastics include plastic qualities from electrical devices, such as ABS, PP, PS and PC/ABS.

Plastic packaging

Plastic packaging qualities we supply include HDPE, LDPE and PET.

Production reject plastics

Production reject plastics we supply include WEEE plastics and plastic packaging qualities, as well as technical plastics such as PA and PC.

We sell precious metals containing materials to precious metals refineries:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum group metals
  • Other metals on case-to-case basis

Gold (Au)

We supply gold containing materials to refining in the following forms:

  • Bullions
  • Cathodes
  • High grade powders (high Au content)
  • Low grade powders (low Au content)

Silver (Ag)

We supply silver containing materials to refining in the following forms:

  • Bullions
  • Cathodes
  • High grade powders (high Ag content)
  • Low grade powders (low Ag conten

Platinum group metals (Pt, Pd, Rh)

We supply platinum, palladium and rhodium containing materials to refining in the following forms:

  • Bullions
  • High grade powders (high PGM content)
  • Low grade powders (low PGM content)

We supply materials to the steel industry on a global scale

Our major customers include steel mills and foundries in Europe and Asia. Our range of products includes the following recycled stainless steel materials:

  • Stainless steel scrap (cuts/turnings, Cr-Ni)
  • Acid-resistant steel scrap (cuts/turnings, Cr-Ni-Mo)
  • Foundry grades

Stainless steel scrap (cuts/turnings)

Our most popular stainless steel scrap grade is 304.

Acid-resistant stainless steel scrap (cuts/turnings)

Our most popular acid-resistant stainless steel scrap grade is 316.

Foundry grades

Our most popular foundry grades are 304 and 316.