We want to do the right thing – our Whistleblowing service

Our reliability and long-term success are built on an ethically sustainable operation, the basic principles of which are written in our Code of Conduct guideline

It is important that we are informed about suspicion regarding possible misconduct, and activity, not in line with our Code of Conduct guideline. This gives us the opportunity to prevent or correct wrongdoing. You do not need to have evidence to support your suspicions, but reports should be made in good faith.

In the first instance, we encourage you to speak to your contact person or with Kuusakoski’s senior management about your concern. You can also report your concerns anonymously via our whistleblowing channel. The channel is maintained by an external partner, WhistleB.

You can find the channel for anonymous reporting below the link button.

Our Whistleblowing service

You can access the reporting channel from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

For further information, visit:

“WhistleB provides a third party reporting service that ensures the anonymity of the whistleblower in communications with Kuusakoski. The service is completely separate from Kuusakoski’s IT systems and network services. WhistleB does not store IP addresses or other data by which the sender of a report could be identified. All reports are encrypted and are only accessible to designated individuals. WhistleB cannot open reports”