Gränges partners with Kuusakoski for sustainable aluminium

Gränges is one of the leading aluminium producers that has a strong focus on sustainability. Gränges aims to develop sustainable aluminium products and solutions that have a low climate impact, are circular, resource efficient, and responsibly sourced and produced.

The company also strives to have third-party verified and transparent product sustainability information available, starting with the product carbon footprint. Their agenda is very similar to Kuusakoski’s sustainability work, and we have found many synergies by working more closely together.

Smaller product CO2 footprint through higher recycled input

Over the past year, we have together finetuned our recycling processes in order to produce more pure recycled aluminium products for Gränges. By jointly tailoring fractions to better fit Gränges’ “recipe”, we have achieved great results. The efficiency improvements at both ends have yielded business benefits for both sides and increased the overall recycling rate of aluminium products.

  • Smaller product CO2 footprint through higher recycled input
  • Secure, sustainable, responsible and transparent value chain upstream through local sourcing and deliveries
  • Increased productivity and reduced total production costs

“This partnership has enabled us to improve our productivity and sustainability, taking us one step closer to our 2025 sustainability goals and lowering our products’ carbon footprint,” says Sebastian Pavez Flores, Metal Specialist at Gränges.

“This is a good example of the results our customer-driven strategy and inhouse R&D work have yielded for our business and improved the overall life cycle of aluminium products,” says Timo Kuusakoski, Director of Business Development at Kuusakoski.

What started as a small business cooperation with joint efforts to find ways to improved productivity and sustainability has now grown into a significant volume business.

The work continues in 2022, when we will focus further on harnessing the synergies and driving sustainability actions towards the whole product life cycle.

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