Boliden and Kuusakoski together towards the Green Transition

Kuusakoski and Boliden have a long history together. For decades, Kuusakoski has supplied secondary raw material and recycling services to the Swedish multinational metals, mining and smelting company.

As one of the leading copper producers, Boliden has key role in enabling of green transition through its sustainable operations and products. The company aims to develop sustainable products and solutions that have a low climate impact and that are produced in accordance with the circular economy model. These kinds of products are resource efficient, as well as responsibly sourced and produced. Boliden and Kuusakoski have very similar sustainability goals, and we have found many synergies by working more closely together.

Product purity and quality meet Boliden’s demands perfectly

Materials that are delivered for recycling have become increasingly complex and less pure, creating challenges for recyclers. Kuusakoski has invested heavily in growing its processing capabilities, including an entirely new plant in Heinola for recycling materials containing aluminium and copper that will open in 2023. Our joint strategic direction to improve the recyclability of copper products and increase the efficiency of their life cycles has yielded great results.

  • Increased life cycle efficiency through higher recycling and recovery rates
  • Lower product CO2 footprint through a higher recycled input
  • Product purity and quality meet Boliden’s demands perfectly
  • Secure, sustainable and transparent value chain upstream through responsible local sourcing and deliveries

“Our long-standing partnership has created a mutually beneficial win-win in terms of productivity and sustainability, improving the recyclability and life cycle efficiency of copper products overall and lowering the specific carbon footprint of our products,” says Tomas Sjölin, Purchasing Manager at Boliden.

“Our continual joint development work and long-term co-operation have given us the confidence to invest further and yielded great results for our business while improving overall sustainability,” says Teuvo Kuusakoski, Business Director, Non-Ferrous Metals and Stainless Steel, at Kuusakoski.

The work continues in 2023, when Kuusakoski and Boliden will focus further on harnessing the synergies and driving sustainability actions towards the entire product life cycle. Kuusakoski supplies sustainable copper raw material, which is essential for the green transition. 

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