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Kuusakoski Recycling Data Protection Policy

Data protection forms a significant part of information security. Data protection means the lawful processing and protection of personal data and other sensitive or confidential data.

Purpose and scope of the data protection policy

The aim of the privacy policy is to safeguard the rights of Kuusakoski's customers, employees and other stakeholders, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the data processor, when processing personal data.
The privacy policy covers the entire Kuusakoski Recycling organisation.

Responsibilities and organisation

The business management unit of Kuusakoski and its subsidiaries is responsible for the fulfilment of data protection.
Each Kuusakoski business unit and subsidiary monitors the fulfilment of data protection and allocates sufficient resources and competence in their own units and functions.
The processing of personal data can only be outsourced under a written agreement, in which the responsibilities and obligations of the parties are defined.

Lifecycle and use of data

Data subjects are provided with the necessary information about the purpose of use and processing of personal data as defined in the legislation.
Personal data can only be collected and processed on grounds based on the purpose of use. The correctness of personal data must be ensured.
The personal data collected can only be stored for the time that is necessary for the purpose of use. When the purpose of use of personal data or a lawful requirement for the storage of data is no longer valid, data will be removed from Kuusakoski's personal data registers.
The processing of personal data is only permitted when it is related to an employee carrying out their work-related tasks.
Data can only be disclosed with the consent of the data subject or under the legislation.
Each data subject registered in personal data registers has the right to view their personal data collected and, if required, request their personal data to be modified or exercise their right to be forgotten.

Ensuring the protection of data

With regard to data protection, it is ensured that personal data remains confidential, any unauthorised access to personal data is prevented and no data is used in an inappropriate manner.

Kuusakoski ensures that its personnel have sufficient expertise in data protection. Data protection is handled as part of employee induction, and Kuusakoski regularly holds data protection training. Data protection guidelines are available to the entire personnel. All employees are bound by a confidentiality obligation.
Access rights to data systems that contain personal data are only granted to employees who need access to the data in their work-related tasks. Access rights are limited in accordance with each user role.
Data protection requirements are always taken into account when procuring, developing and deploying a new data system or service. Kuusakoski aims to implement and produce data system services by following as high a level of information security as possible.

Procedures when data protection is at risk

Every Kuusakoski employee is responsible for observing data protection risks.
Data subjects will be notified of any information security breaches without any delay.
Data protection violations are handled separately and, if required, assigned to the authorities for investigation.

Giving notification to the personnel, data subjects and stakeholders

The privacy policy is communicated to Kuusakoski's empoyees in the Kuusakoski intranet. The valid privacy policy is published on the company's website.