As a customer of our data security service, you can be sure that electrical and electronic equipment is disposed of properly and safely. In our data security service, sensitive data containing material is delivered to Kuusakoski using sealed security containers. The material is transported directly to our facility without detours.

The equipment is handled by personnel with security clearance, in a secure facility with camera surveillance and access control.

We also offer a customised data security service.


Electronics recycling solutions for offices

We can take in used office equipment such as printers, computers, displays and telephones, and recycle it either by reusing it or by dismantling and processing the components back into raw materials. We also take care of your data security: We destroy and/or securely overwrite memory chips and hard drives so that no data can be recovered from them.

If reuse is not a viable option, we will recycle the equipment as raw material. Almost 100% of non-reusable materials can be recycled, either as recycled raw material or energy.

Destroying data digitally is as data secure as mechanical crushing.

Reuse and resale service

Our reuse service allows you to resell your company’s old IT equipment to Kuusakoski, for safe and economical recycling.

We test, repair and process your old IT equipment securely, efficiently and professionally. We only work with leading data security technologies in the market to dispose of your old data. We have an extensive network of international partners for achieving the highest aftermarket price – for your benefit.

We make sure that tested devices are primarily reused in accordance with the WEEE Directive. 

Devices that cannot be reused are turned into industrial raw materials at our own recycling facilities.

On-site data security service

We can also offer on-site data destruction at your company’s premises. In this service, secure data destruction is carried out under the supervision of your staff, and the data contained on the hard disks will not leave your company’s premises.

Destruction service

We offer a reliable data destruction service and destruction of the goods under customs supervision throughout Finland. We will destroy unmarketable materials and products in a controlled and safe manner. Such materials and products include:

  • various spare parts and components
  • toys and electrical equipment
  • product development products
  • production machinery and equipment
  • counterfeit products.

Our destruction service includes a certificate of destruction for all destroyed products and materials.

Products and materials destroyed under customs supervision

Products and product batches whose destruction is supervised by customs are also welcome to us. We have been cooperating with customs for years and can carry out the customs clearance procedure on behalf of the customer.

Products that yield material value during the recycling process must be customs cleared. Provide us with information of your previous customs procedure – we will be able to carry out a new customs procedure based on it.

You can contact us confidentially.

Secure containers

We work with you to ensure that your organisation’s materials that contain personal information are safely destroyed.

We destroy all materials and even meet government-level requirements for data security. We have refined our process through decades of experience.

  • Paper shredding according to the scrap size requirements of the P5 level of DIN66399.
  • Destruction of hard disks to level H5.
  • Digital overwrite using the Blancco program.

We meet government-level requirements for data security.