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Electrical equipment

We sell inspected, tested and safe second-hand electrical equipment

For the environment, the best alternative often is to reuse a component or piece of equipment that has already been manufactured. Our principal aim is to promote the reuse of equipment that has been phased out ‒ as complete units or as components. In cases where reuse is not possible we can almost fully utilise the metal, plastic and glass components by either processing them into recycled raw materials or by using them in energy production.

Data security ensured

To make the reuse of electronic equipment possible, all data saved by the previous user is wiped out to eliminate the risk of data being exposed to unauthorised access. In cases where our data overwrite tools cannot completely remove the data, hard drives are destroyed by mechanical crushing.

Our data security processes are audited, and the purchaser is provided with a report detailing how the equipment has been processed.

Reliable second-hand equipment

We test all second-hand equipment before selling it to ensure functionality and to confirm it can be used safely. Equipment that cannot be reused is disassembled for recycling into raw materials.