Premium quality aluminium ingots

We produce aluminium ingots to the European EN standard, national standards such as DIN, and to customer specifications at our aluminium plant in Heinola. The plant is fully integrated with our recyling processes and makes the area the largest integrated reclycling factory in the Northern Europe.

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The use of recycled aluminium saves 95% of energy compared to the energy used to produce virgin aluminium.

From standard grades to tailored specifications

Most common Al grades

Our most common Al grades are the pressure die casting aluminium alloys like AlSi9Cu3 (EN AB 46000) , AlSi12Cu(Fe) (EN AB 47000), AlSi12 (EN AB 44300) and AlSi10Mg ( EN AB 43400).

The packaging is always made in cooperation with the customer. Our standard stack size is a single stack of 70 x 70 x 95 cm.

Tailored per customer

We have an almost unlimited possibility of making other standard pressure die casting alloys, as well as gravity and sand die casting Al alloys. We are always willing to investigate the possibilities of offering Al cast alloys according to customer's specifications, and to make modifications to the chemical composition of the alloys, according to the customer needs.

Our customers appreciate our flexibility, personal customer service and realible deliveries.

Local and global

We are an international company with roots steadily in Finland. Our Aluminium plant is situated in Heinola, a small rural town ca 130 km from Helsinki. From Heinola, we deliver our aluminium products to various European countries, but also to the American continent and to Asia. 

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Almost 90 % of our Aluminium products are exported.

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Our standard stack size is a single stack of 70 x 70 x 95 cm but we are open for discussion should you desire another stack size.