Petromax promoting recycling in Russia

In order to promote proper handling of old equipment, as well as selective waste collection, Petromax has begun to organize specialized PR actions in the Moscow region. Petromax is the official company of Kuusakoski in Russia.
In the middle of April Petromax organized a special event together with the Lobnya City Administration. Several mobile and stationary collection points for old and waste equipment were set out in Lobnja. The event lasted only a few hours, during which the citizens handed over  2,5  tons of different equipment, from DVD player and phones to 2 meter high refrigerators to the Petromax representatives.

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Another campaign took place in late November. Petromax organised special lessons, dedicated to the waste selective collection, for children in primary classes in all Lobnja schools. The main topic was to explain how, where and why people should hand over used techniques. The schools could also participate in a competition to collect electronic equipment.