IT Asset Disposition
IT Asset Disposition

Data security

The personal and professional information of all of our customers, both private individuals and business entities alike, is protected by the constant surveillance of all our secure facilities. Data-containing devices are securely handled by trained employees, and are wiped in compliance with the industry’s highest standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology program 800-88. We ensure all customers that their devices are properly wiped or destroyed, offering options such as serial number tracking, auditing, on or off-site destruction, and more. Our protected limited-access facilities are under 24 hour surveillance, and all data-containing devices are handled in a secure cage, with ceiling, to allow customers the peace of mind that their proprietary data is not compromised.

Educational Institutions

We understand that not all educational institutions are built alike. With constant development of technology plans, and affordability of outsourced services, we are confident that our education solutions provide an innovative approach to recycling your school’s IT assets. Whether choosing from our buy back options for reusable materials, or looking for a white glove pickup service, we are here to help. Our education solutions are designed to provide a flexible and affordable way to recycle your assets, while providing a convenient service to include the necessary reporting and certifications that your school requires.


With identity theft on the rise, we understand the importance of enhanced methods of protecting consumer and business data. Our service model encompasses a variety of service platforms to track IT inventory and provide documentation of 100% erasure and destruction of data containing devices. Our audit and reporting features allow banks, financial institutions, and other commercial entities to responsibly recycle their obsolete inventory while providing documented proof of destruction and cross-reference tool for inventory purposes. We have one of the most robust data sanitation software and security protocols in our industry today. Our processes have been audited by fortune 500 companies and independent auditors, which can ensure your data has been completely sanitized in compliance to PCI/SBO/Gramm Leach and other major privacy acts.


Business recycling is one of our most robust and important categories of services. We provide all business entities with specific customer service options such as on and off site data destruction, compliant to NIST 800-88, as well as hard drive audits, serial number tracking, asset management, and more. Our business customers have the opportunity to utilize our services to package and palletize all centrally located equipment, transportation management, cradle to cradle processing, and Certificates of Recycling/Destruction, all part of our customizable recycling and asset management programs, fit for your business’s needs. With our wide array of certifications, rest assured that we properly handles all materials for responsible and accounting recycling.