Invoicing details

We kindly ask you to send us only electronical invoices.


Our operator is Pagero, operator code 003723609900 or PAGERO. Please use company name, Reskontra, PL 25 02131 Espoo as invoicing address.

Kuusakoski companies (company name, association number Finland, VAT code, e-invoice address):
• Kuusakoski Oy, 1589236-3, FI15892363, 003715892363
• Kuusakoski Group Oy, 0200662-5, FI02006625, 003702006625
• Kiinteistö Oy Lahden Norokatu, 5 2103876-1, FI21038761, 003721038761

Pagero Web Portal for paper invoices

If you are unable to send e-invoices, please send invoice through Pagero Web Portal. It is free of charge for Kuusakoski suppliers.

Instructions for Registration and Use can be found from

Please also attach pdf picture of invoice.

It is free of charge for Kuusakoski suppliers.

Invoicing by email

Invoices to company Kuusakoski Oy can be sent as email attachments to:

  • Attachment must be in pdf format (max size 6MB).
  • One invoice per email - 1st email attachment is identified as the invoice and additional attachments will be attachments to the invoice.
More information

At least one of following references must be mentioned on the invoice header level in order to ensure quick and correct handling of the invoice:

  • Purchase order number (several numbers separated with semicolon without space bar and capital letter for example A20601577;A20601578)
  • Kuusakoski contact person (first name, family name)
  • Name of Kuusakoski yard

If you need more information or instructions about Pagero Web portal please contact Pagero Support Center +358 10 219 55 79 or

Only invoices can be sent to the above mentioned addresses. All other post must be sent to Kuusakoski postal addresses. Please check our contact details at the bottom of this page, or check the address from your Kuusakoski contact person.