Fraudulent approaches increased – Kuusakoski has not changed its bank details

There are more and more fraudulent claims and communication to channel payments on criminals’ bank accounts. The fraudulent claims/scams advise that the bank details for the settlement of current or future invoices should be changed. These approaches may be made by email, over the telephone, by letter or fax. The content of the messages can look very convincing and real, even real personal and company information can be included, as well as real-looking fake email addresses.

Should you encounter such suspicious acts, please call your known contact person at Kuusakoski, via their verified phone number or the switchboard.

Please note that Kuusakoski or any of its affiliated companies have not changed their bank details and they remain as they always have been. Should we wish to change bank account details in the future, we would do so using our official channels, give you sufficient notice - and you should still verify the change from your known Kuusakoski contact person from verified telephone number. In addition, changes would always be reflected in the invoices sent to you.