Kuusakoski earns silver in EcoVadis assessment

Internationally recognised for evaluating the sustainability of corporate supply chains, EcoVadis has awarded Kuusakoski Recycling with a silver-level recognition. Kuusakoski ranks in the top 20 percent of companies assessed worldwide.

Kuusakoski has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable development by achieving the silver level in the EcoVadis assessment, globally acknowledged as a measure of sustainability. This achievement reflects the company's dedication to environmental responsibility, social accountability, and ethical business practices.

The EcoVadis assessment results are based on four main categories: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement practices. Kuusakoski scored exceptionally well in the environmental category, significantly exceeding the average in all four categories.


"We are extremely proud of this recognition. It's a testament to our hard work and commitment to sustainable development. Achieving the silver level in the EcoVadis assessment is not just an excellent award, but it also strengthens our position in the market and communicates to our customers that we are demonstrably committed to enhancing sustainability not only in their business but also in our operations," says CSO Tuomas Haikka.


Achieving the silver level in the EcoVadis assessment places the company among the globally recognised pioneers in sustainable development. This level is awarded only to those companies that demonstrate outstanding performance in various aspects of sustainability.

"We underwent the EcoVadis assessment for the first time in 2022 and achieved the bronze level, meaning we were better than about 50% of the assessed companies. Our new silver level means we are now among the top 20% in the world."

Kuusakoski aims to continue being the leading player in its field in sustainable development. "We will continue our work towards sustainable development and aim to improve our position in the EcoVadis assessment in the future. This recognition gives us additional motivation to continue our efforts in promoting sustainable business practices."

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