Material and energy efficiency

Reducing the environmental impacts of our operations

Having an overall understanding of our operations and the environmental impacts of our entire value chain is an important part of our environmental sustainability. From waste reception to final disposal, environmental permits are a prerequisite for processing waste. At our facilities, we reduce the emissions caused by our operations and use constructional solutions to prevent soil and water pollution. In our operations, we also follow international management system standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001) as well as local and material-specific standards (Cenelec, e-Stewards, Cerub).

Our own operations carbon neutral by 2035

Our target is to make Kuusakoski Recycling’s own operations carbon neutral by 2035 and entire value chain by 2045.

We aim to increase the energy efficiency of production and transport, and thus reduce our carbon footprint. We can achieve this by increasing the use of renewable energy sources and by emphasising sustainability and sustainability when purchasing products and technology. Our staff plays an important part in this, and we encourage them to develop new ideas for increasing energy efficient and environmentally friendly operations.

At our reject unit, we have been able to recover more and more raw materials, and the leftover material is used to produce recycled fuel. Waste that cannot be utilised is handled responsibly at our final disposal area. Our utilisation rate is very high. The total utilisation rate of materials delivered to us in 2021 was 96,8 %.

The key figures are from 2022.

We are constantly developing new and better recycling processes

Our unique research centre provides valuable information for developing recycling processes.
We are working on various research and development projects, including projects focusing on the production and management of material and process information for different recycling processes, operational development opportunities, new investments, and continuous quality assurance. We also collaborate extensively with universities and take part in numerous joint projects through our partner network.

The key figures are from 2022.

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Not just plain words, but concrete actions

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