Proactive partnership with customers

We support the sustainable operations of our customers

We are experts in recycling and circular economy solutions. Our vision is to become the preferred partner in recycling services and in the development of more sustainable business operations.

We actively contribute to legal drafting and advocacy in the sector, which is why we are able to anticipate changes and assess their impact on our customers’ operations. This expertise is offered to our customers: we support our customers both face-to-face and by phone, and together we solve practical recycling challenges. We keep our customers updated about the sector’s future trends and innovations, and together we develop solutions for better and more efficient recycling.

According to our customers’ requirements, we provide information and report transparently on matters such as the utilisation rate of materials delivered to the recycle chain, CO2 emissions, and emissions that have been avoided by recycling.

Better recycling through collaboration with our customers

We cooperate with our customers to develop processes that promote their business as well as sustainability.