The KiMuRa project has been recognised in the winning of The Wind Power Act of the year Award

Not only has the KiMuRa project won The Wind Power Act of the Year award, the project has also clearly won the public’s vote as it received as much as 80% of the vote. The Wind Power Act of the Year award is given to an act or activity that has contributed to supporting or accelerating the growth and development of Finnish wind power.

The reason for the victory was the Finnish, but also globally impressive, investment made in the KiMuRa project and a solution for recycling the blade material of wind turbines. The focus of the project was to create a cost-effective plastic composite waste collection and treatment logistics program to ensure that plastic composite waste is efficiently delivered to a potential recovery point.  

"The success factor in this has been seamless cooperation with the entire material value chain. Thank you to the KiMuRa project team and all the Kuusakoski people involved", says Kuusakoski's Materials Manager Anu Söderena 

In the KiMuRa (Recycled Crushed Raw Material) project, the Finnish Plastics Industry Association, the Ministry of the Environment and seven composite industry companies, together with Kuusakoski and Finnsement, which represents the end user, investigated the logistics of collecting industrial composite waste and utilising composite in cement production.